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First joint staff training mobility in Prague (Czech Republic) on Geographic Information Systems

From 12th to 14th December, our first mobility for teacher training took place in Prague. The workshop on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was given by staff from the Geoinformatics Department of Charles University, taking into account our needs for the project.

The GIS software is a fundamental tool for the spatial representation of data. Our intention is to use the program with our students to represent on the map of the city the data of noise sampling and other environmental measurements, to later propose on the same map urban improvements from a sustainable point of view (bike lanes, green areas, traffic exclusion, etc.). Therefore, we will use GIS during this first phase, “What is my city like”, as well as during the second, “How is the city in which I want to live”. Much of the results of these two phases are based around the use of GIS, hence the importance of the workshop.

The aim of the activity was to train two teachers from each participating school to acquire the necessary skills with the QGIS software, as well as interactive utilities for representation and visualization of data in maps (Google Earth, arcGIS online), to subsequently transmit the information to the other participating teachers and support the students in the local practical work.

The methodology of the activity was interactive, with brief explanations followed by practical work with the QGIS program on computer using real examples selected by the teachers of the course and appropriate to our project. There was also a small fieldwork with a GPS application for mobile, GAIA, with which you can mark and geolocate points in a route and then export them to a vector format compatible with QGIS and represent them on the map.

In sum, the workshop has been very fruitful with a view to the immediate development of the project’s tasks.

We can also advance that the future impact of the activity will be important, taking into account the plans of incorporation of this type of computer tool to the didactic programming of some subjects, such as ICT, Environmental Management, Geography and Mathematics.

And, of course, we also had some free time to enjoy the beautiful city of Prague, guided by our hosts Sona Macurova and Pepa Svoboda.

For more info about the project go to (in Spanish!)

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