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First short-term mobility with students to the Czech Republic: “What is my city like?”

During the week of May 6 to 10, the first short-term mobility of the project “The Town I Want to Live in” took place in the Gýmnazium Frýdlant nad Ostravíci, Czech Republic, attended by each participating school with 7 students and two accompanying teachers.

The work program consisted in the presentation, comparison and sharing of the results obtained in the first phase of the project, “What is my city like?”. Thus, the students of the four schools of the association (Escola Secundária José Saramago-Mafra of Portugal, Lappeenrannan Lyseon Lukio of Finland, IES Escultor Juan de Villanueva of Spain and Gýmnazium Frýdlant nad Ostravíci of the Czech Republic) presented the management of the municipalities of the four cities participating in the project, as well as the results of the surveys of students and citizens on quality of life and sustainability in the city. Finally, they showed the noise maps resulting from the sampling carried out in the past months in Frýdlant (Czech Republic), Lappeenranta (Finland), Mafra (Portugal) and Pola de Siero (Spain).

In addition to the reception by the city mayor, during the week our hosts organized numerous activities, some recreational and others related to the project, such as a map workshop with the ArcGIS Geographic Information System online in the Department of Geoinformatics from the Technical University of Ostrava, an orientation course, and visits to the U6 Center for Science and Technology of Ostrava (U6 Science nad Technology center in Dolní Vítkovice Ostrava), to the wastewater treatment plant of Frýdek – Místek and to the reservoir of Šance Dam.

On the last day the students, organized in international groups, carried out a daily evaluation of the activities of the weekly program, as well as a balance of the results of the project.

The mobility was a success in terms of the results obtained, the organization and, of course, the full integration of students from four countries in the heart of Europe. In conclusion, it has been an enriching, intense and full of experiences for all, with a great sense of European dimension.

See you in Pola de Siero (Spain) in November 2019!

For more info about the project go to (in Spanish!)


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