Environmental issues are a global concern nowadays. Natural resources management, goods consumption, wealth distribution, industrialization, pollution, energy production and use, water use, land use, intensive agriculture, food production…, are all aspects involved in environmental problems. Carbon footprint and ecological footprint are two examples of how to measure the human impact on the Earth. Both show that we are living well over Earth´s capacity, creating such severe problems as global warming and depletion of resources. Mankind must therefore find a way to a conscious and respectful economic progress that do not compromise the future generations needs.

The solution is a sustainable development. Being aware that zero growth is never to be reached, green industry, circular economy, efficiency, conscious consumption, renewable energies, recycling, life-cycle analysis of products, offer solutions to the 21st century most challenging problem: saving resources and keeping the Earth as a livable place for more centuries head. Most of these solutions are strongly dependent on technology and investment. In Europe we need to promote them.