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The International Run

The International Run started at Escola Secundária José Saramago-Mafra (PORTUGAL), it continues to I.E.S. Escultor Juan de Villanueva in Pola de Siero (SPAIN) and Gymnázium Frýdlant nad Ostravicí (CZECHIA) and finishes at Lappeenrannan Lyseo Upper Secondary School in Lappeenranta (FINLAND). The Run is almost 6500 km long and with the cooperation of all four schools we will surely manage it!

The objective of the run is to face this difficult Coronavirus time and pandemic lockdown by leaving our computers and rooms to go out and get some fresh air while exercising. We have been taking photos and/or videos of this sports event to share our experience virtually because we cannot organize short-term mobilities. 

DATE OF THE INTERNATIONAL RUN: from 10 March to 20 May 2021

We have invited all students, teachers and the community of our schools to participate after each outdoor sports activity by filling in this Questionnaire with the distance travelled, until we arrive in Finland. Participants, in each country, are sending photos and videos that may be seen below.


Take a look at the photos and videos of our International Run!

From Portugal

On the day the Run started in Mafra County, Portugal, where we can see that Spring is on its way.

Mafra’s countryside with the Atlantic Ocean in the horizon.

More to see in Portugal during the International Run

From Spain

A Spanish countryside

In the mountains of Asturias

From Czech Republic

There is still snow in the Czech mountains

Czech countryside

From Finland

Different conditions in Finland for the International Run

From cross-country skiing in Finland


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